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Overseas travel Vloggers visited Dalian, promoting the "seaside city of beauty and romance" to the world

DALIAN,China,Sept. 26,2023 -- A news report from CRI Online:

In the2nd Exploring China—Overseas Travel Vlogger's Trip to Dalian held in recent days,a dozen overseas travel Vloggers,from Brazil,Korea,Madagascar,Pakistan,Romania,Thailand,Tunis,the UK,the US,and so on,came to Dalian for a 4-day immersive trip.

Overseas travel Vloggers visited Dalian, promoting the "seaside city of beauty and romance" to the world

Overseas travel Vloggers took a photo with the giant mechanic bear “Beibei” in the Bear Cave Street Photo by Wang Wen

During the four days,theseVloggers from all around the world visited Bangchui Island,Jinshi Beach,Fisherman Pier,and other tourist sites. They may take a walk on the beach,watch the tides and waves,or get on a boat to go deep into the sea. They have come to the Wisdom Park,the Bear Cave Street,the Museum of World Musical and Cultura,the Xinyifang Intangible Cultural Heritage Cheongsam Art Space,and the EX Future Technology Museum,to experience the charm and attractiveness of the industrial art and culture in this city. They show to the world,using the cameras in their hands,how the modern Dalian looks like in their eyes.

The green mountains and the blue seas,decorated by lush trees and beautiful clouds respectively,connect with each other to form a fantastic view. The peculiar and magnificent terrain has amazed all these travel Vloggers as well. Lee Barrett,the Vlogger from the UK shared that the eye-catching scenery has brought him quite a lot of good materials for posting videos: "Dalian is a city with fascinating scenery of mountains and sea. I need to record it and share it with my followers."

"The fishing ban has ended in Dalian! The sea urchin meat is very thick. The more you eat,the fresher you feel. Enjoying the sea urchin while watching the sea is just fantastic,as if we are tasting the sea." Korean travel Vlogger Kim JunBum said in front of the camera while cracking open the sea urchin,sitting by the Fisherman Pier in the salty and humid breeze of the sea. Behind him,rows of boats are parked there,after their fishing journeys.

This city full of romance will bring more surprises to the overseas travel Vloggers. The Thai Vlogger Xiaomao said: "I can't wait to take videos of all the beauty in Dalian and share them with more friends. I am sure they will fall in love with this city,just like I do."

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