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ELEGOO Unveils the OrangeStorm Giga, A Game-Changing 3D Printing Innovation on Kickstarter
Business Technology/ 2023-11-05
ELEGOO Unveils the OrangeStorm Giga, A G...

Introducing the Future of Large-Format 3D Printing,Allowing Users to Realize Their Biggest Dreams SHENZHEN,China,Nov. 4,2023-- ELEGOO,a pion...

JIGOO Unveils P300: An Ultimate Grooming Vacuum for Pets to Enjoy a Salon-Like Experience at Home
Business Technology/ 2023-11-05
JIGOO Unveils P300: An Ultimate Grooming...

The JIGOO P300 includes an array of six specialized grooming,trimming,and blow-drying tools,comprehensively meeting diverse pet care needs.

UK-based Global Education Holdings acquires Schiller International University
Business Technology/ 2023-11-05
UK-based Global Education Holdings acqui...

LONDON,Nov. 4,2023-- UK-based educational group Global Education Holdings (GEDU) has acquired the Schiller International University of USA. ...

42Gears today announced that their EMM solution 'SureMDM' is an Android™ Enterprise Recommended solution
Business Technology/ 2023-11-05
42Gears today announced that their EMM s...

42Gears SureMDM offers advanced security and management features to support Android Enterprise customers


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