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Embrace Exquisite Living with Innovative Personal Care Products at the 134th Canton Fair

GUANGZHOU,China,Oct. 31,2023 -- At Phase 3 of the 134th Canton Fair onsite,held between October 31st and November 4th,"Personal Care Products" exhibition section has been rescheduled from Phase 2 to 3,emerging as a major highlight. Spanning an expansive area of around 11,000 square meters,this section caters to the growing health consciousness and desire for a refined lifestyle among worldwide individuals. It brings together an assortment of offerings,including cosmetics,accessories,skincare and dental care products,presenting global audiences with innovative solutions to enhance their quality of life.

Embrace Exquisite Living with Innovative Personal Care Products at the 134th Canton Fair

Guangzhou Xujohn Bio-technique Co.,Ltd. presented its Hydrogel Eye Mask at the Canton Fair,a cutting-edge product that embodies their commitment to sustainability. This innovative creation utilizes a smooth gel with a polymer network system,thus it is not only extremely gentle on the skin but also biodegradable. It offers a soft,safe,and non-irritating way to address forehead wrinkles,crow's feet,nasolabial folds,and other concern. For more details,please click https://goo.su/OOWvUw.

Shanghai Shift Electrics Co.,Ltd. brought an array of oral care products to the Canton Fair,where one of their highlights is the smart handheld dental rinser. This rinser features a 360° rotating nozzle design and a fixed-point injection and stop function. The microbubbles it ejects serve to safeguard gums and ensure a cleaner rinse. With 3 rinsing modes and a stable water pressure output,this product effectively addresses tooth sensitivity and caters to diverse oral needs. For details,click on https://goo.su/ahg4S.

The remarkable entry of Ningbo Jiali Century Group Co.,Ltd. into the Canton Fair was marked by the launch of their game-changing razor,incorporating a handle made from an innovative blend of bamboo fiber and metal. By utilizing cutting-edge technology,the cutter head employs an innovative "L" shape integrated six-layer bending blade. This blade is enhanced with a surface nano-level coating,providing users with a significantly smoother and more comfortable usage. Moreover,it boasts twice longevity compared to conventional cutter heads. To access further details,please visit https://goo.su/qEHqmf.

Personal Care Products showcases a diverse range of innovative products,extending a genuine welcome to buyers worldwide to uncover potential business openings and embrace exquisite living. To gather additional details about the 134th Canton Fair,please visit the official website of the Canton Fair at https://www.cantonfair.org.cn/en-US/posts/646531331412942848,or contact caiyiyi@cantonfair.org.cn.

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