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Soppycid Takes Aim at Combating Counterfeit Reusable Water Balloon Products

Soppycid is reminding consumers of the rigorous safety testing of their product and sharing tips on how to distinguish authentic Soppycid products from fakes

SHENZHEN,China,Aug. 15,2023 -- Since launching in 2022,Soppycid has been a safe and reliable summer fun partner of families everywhere with its reusable water balloons. But with unsafe counterfeit products recently hitting the market,Soppycid wants to remind consumers how to identify their authentic products so families can keep their children safe.

Soppycid Takes Aim at Combating Counterfeit Reusable Water Balloon Products

You're Cordially Invited to Embrace the Genuine Safety of Soppycid's Reusable Water Balloons,Nurturing Real Water Fun for All Kids and Families.

Soppycid is the world's first magnetically sealed reusable water balloon. The product's unique MagSeal™️ and ReSi™️ technologies offer quick and efficient inflation of the reusable water balloons and a 1,000+ use lifespan. Each product is crafted with food-grade,mold-resistant,durable silicone and seamless magnetic closure technology that fully encapsulates the magnets for ultimate safety.

Authentic Soppycid reusable water balloons have earned certification from SGS,the world leader in training,assessment,audit,and certification services for consumer products. Soppycid underwent extensive testing to ensure quality,functionality,and safety,earning the SGS seal of approval.

Soppycid has also earned accolades from toy industry media,including the 2023 Toy Insider's Best Summer Toy,2023 Reddot Winner,and 2023 IF Design Award. Other notable media and parent influencer nods include the Today Show,TIME,BuzzFeed,Best Reviews,SheKnows,and Brittany Mahomes,and numerous Instagram parent influencers.

As Soppycid's reusable water balloons have grown in popularity,the brand is seeing a rise in unsafe counterfeit products. In response,Soppycid is reminding consumers to be vigilant against purchasing untested and unsafe products trying to pass as Soppycid's reusable water balloons.

"Like many quality toys on the market,Soppycid has fallen victim to scams,with dishonest brands trying to pass off counterfeit products to consumers," said Daniel Zheng,Soppycid CEO. "We'd like to remind parents to be vigilant when shopping for Soppycid to ensure they purchase the authentic product that is safe,effective,and fun."

Soppycid is sharing a few tips to help consumers spot authentic Soppycid products:

Full magnet coverage that never protrudes from the rubber seal

Tear-resistant silicone and rubber seals when stretched

No water leaks when filled and squeezed with one hand

No water leaks when full and placed on a flat surface for 45-60 seconds

Automatic sealing when submerged in water

Soppycid's reusable water balloons are available online on Soppycid's website.

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