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POP MART opens news store in Auckland to further New Zealand market growth

BEIJING,Nov. 2,2023 --On 17th October,POP MART's second New Zealand store officially opened atWestfield Newmarket Shopping Centre,the trendy landmark of Auckland.

POP MART opens news store in Auckland to further New Zealand market growth

POP MART's second New Zealand store

Walking through the fascinating LED screen entrance,consumers will feel immersed in a world of art toys. The SKULLPANDA Fantasy Route sculpture hung from the ceiling symbolises POP MART's aim to pursue dreams in art world with New Zealand consumers. The store has also set up a photoshoot site themed DIMOO travelling around the world. After experiencing various cultures,DIMOO finally arrives in Auckland,the "Capital of Sails",eagerly looking forward to all beautiful encounters in New Zealand.

At the Grand Opening,POP MART has released a series of limited-edition figurines,including SKULLPANDA Dark Maid,LABUBU Shepherd,KUBO King of the White Deer,and PUCKY The Ghost - Sparkle Pink. Local consumers had a great time with the opening offers and a wide range of art toys at the shop,including blind boxes,action figures and MEGA collectibles.

Westfield Newmarket is located in Auckland's trendy Newmarket business district,which is one of the most extensive areas of shopping,entertainment and hotel hubs,with more than 600 retail stores,over 120 cafes,bars and restaurants,bowling and other facilities. The multiple and convenient transportation options including a nearby train station,bus stops,and ample parking space have made Westfield Newmarket easily accessible and become a diversified mega business complex that caters to local lifestyles.

POP MART opens news store in Auckland to further New Zealand market growth

Westfield Newmarket Shopping Centre

New Zealand is a developed country with GDP per capita ranking 28th globally. In the IMD World Competitiveness Ranking 2020,New Zealand ranks 22nd out of 63 most competitive countries. Additionally,in the Doing Business 2020 published by World Bank,New Zealand was once again ranked first out of 190 economies globally.

In 2022,POP MART's first physical store in New Zealand opened at Queen Street,in the downtown of Auckland,which is a prime location adjacent to luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton,Gucci,Dior,and Bvlgari. So far,it has established a diversified channel system comprising two physical stores,two Robo Shops and one eCom channel for New Zealand consumers.

POP MART,founded in 2010,is an industry-leading pop culture and art toy company. With the industry's rapid growth,POP MART has set foot in more than 25 countries and regions including South Korea,Japan,Singapore,Australia,the United States,Canada and the United Kingdom,and has accumulated tens of millions of fans around the world.

By the first half of 2023,POP MART operates over 400 physical stores and over 2,300 Robo Shops,with more than 4,000 employees worldwide. POP MART,whose tagline are "To Light up Passion and Bring Joy," has established a platform of integrated operations covering the entire industry chain of designer toys. The POP MART business mainly focuses on global artist development,IP operation,consumer access,art toy culture promotion,innovation business incubation and investment.

POP MART opens news store in Auckland to further New Zealand market growth

POP MART's second New Zealand store

The company has many well-known characters,such as MOLLY,SKULLPANDA,DIMOO,THE MONSTERS,HIRONO and so on,and launched thousands of fan-favourites to secure many loyal and high-quality customers. Likewise,POP MART works with multiple famous brands to create pop-culture products based on classical characters that appeal to fans worldwide.

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