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Introducing 'Never Have I Ever': Pioneering the First-Ever Art Licensed Press-On Nails

NEW YORK,Nov. 2,2023 -- Revolutionizing the world of beauty and art,'Never Have I Ever' proudly unveils its first-ever artist-licensed press-on nails from the vibrant streets of NYC. This game-changing brand marries the intricacies of artistry with fashion,birthing a wearable and affordable masterpiece for every nail aficionado.

Introducing 'Never Have I Ever': Pioneering the First-Ever Art Licensed Press-On Nails

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"Beauty is an evolving canvas,and our nails are the latest frontier," explains Susana Chen,the co-founder. "At 'Never Have I Ever',we don't just wear art – we become a part of it. We envision a world where each nail serves not just as adornment but as an expression of individuality."

Artists Echo The Vision

"Collaborating with Never Have I Everallowed me to imagine my work on a new type of canvas. Although the canvases might be small,I think it makes a big impact that everyone gets to wear these designs as a form of expression and support for artists.," shares Jocelyn Tsaih,one of the brand's collaborating artists.

Brand Launch and Exclusive Collaborations

Set to make waves,'Never Have I Ever' announces its official brand launch on Nov 2,2023. To celebrate,early bird shoppers (from Nov 2 to Nov 30) can enjoy a special launch discount of 15% off using the promo code: BeYourUniqueself (*Terms and Conditions apply). The brand takes pride in its collaboration with artists like Jocelyn Tsaih,Omotola,Keiko Yamazaki,and HeySu Lee,ensuring that each press-on nail becomes a token of wearable art.

Empowering the Art Community

Deeply rooted in the ethos of community building,'Never Have I Ever' stands as more than a beauty brand. With a keen focus on artist monetization,efficient manufacturing,and nurturing an art-loving community,the brand sets the stage for artists to shine and prosper.

As the allure of press-on nails expands,driven by convenience and cost-effectiveness,'Never Have I Ever' accentuates the experience by infusing it with pure artistic spirit. "Our nails are tales,narratives of personalities,dreams,and desires," comments Susana Chen,the co-founder.

Engage with 'Never Have I Ever' at Renowned Artist Markets

'Never Have I Ever' is not just about creating exquisite art-inspired nails but also about immersion in the art community. We've been thrilled to meet art enthusiasts at: Heaven's Gate NYC,TYSM The Marketplace,and The Wonder Market. And we're looking forward to our next showcases: Ship Shop Eat & Renegade Craft Fair (Nov 11 - 12).

Join us,discover the inspiration behind our designs,and feel the pulse of our growing community.

About 'Never Have I Ever'

Founded in the heart of New York City,'Never Have I Ever' is a groundbreaking artist licensed press-on nail brand. Dedicated to promoting individuality and art,every product is a canvas inviting wearers to showcase their unique story.

For more details,visit ourwebsiteand follow us on our Instagram& TikTok.

*Terms and Conditions for Promotion Code 'BeYourUniqueself':

Valid for all customers on the online store.

Get 15% off your entire order.

No minimum purchase necessary.

Unlimited usage.

Can be combined with shipping promotions.

Promotion active from Nov 2 to Nov 30,2023.

Media Contact:

Jess WU

Email: jess@neverhaveiever.shop

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