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Yadea's Electrifying Revelation at EICMA 2023: What Awaits

MILAN,Nov. 1,2023 --Yadea,the global leader in electric two-wheelers,is gearing up for its sixth appearance at EICMA 2023,the world's premier motorcycle exhibition,scheduled from November 7th to 12th. This year marks a significant milestone for Yadea with impressive products,innovative technologies and an expansive exhibition space. The much-anticipated reveal of their latest product and groundbreaking technology is set for the opening day of EICMA at 15:45.

Yadea's Electrifying Revelation at EICMA 2023: What Awaits

Alternative energy for sustainable transportation must be a spotlight on the exhibition. Yadea ventured into EICMA in 2015 whenelectric motorcycles were a rarity worldwide. With over two decades of expertise in electric two-wheelers,Yadea has held the prestigious title of global No.1 in annual sales for the past six consecutive years. The sales of electric two-wheelers in 2022 reached 14.01 million units.

Yadea's remarkable growth is attributed not only to its industry insights and extensive experience but also to its unwavering commitment to technological innovation. At each EICMA exhibition,Yadea unveils new products and cutting-edge technology,underscoring their dedication to delivering on their promises and showcasing the rapid pace of Yadea's technological innovation. In 2022,Yadea increased its R&D expenses by 31.1% year-on-year. Currently,it boasts six technology R&D centers,one national industrial design center,and two CNAS national laboratories,housing over 1,000 R&D experts and 1,800+ patents. Yadea has been dedicated in mastering the innovation and core technology of electric vehicles,adhering to international safety and quality standards,thus to provide the world with superior green solutions for e-mobility.

This year,Yadea continues to bring an eagerly awaited product. The veil of suspense with only be lifted during the New Product Launch Conference on November 7th. Nevertheless,the new product embodies qualities of high-performance,high-tech and intelligence. At the previous year's EICMA,Yadea unveiled KEENESS VFD,offering performance on par with the 125cc gas-powered motorcycle. Then,what will this year's offering be like,and what breakthroughs will it incorporate? To uncover the answers,join in the launch conference.

Spanning an impressive 800m2 exhibition space,Yadea will also showcase KEENESS with new designs and an extensive lineup of products meticulously crafted to meet user-centered needs,including high-performance e-motorcycles,e-mopeds,e-scooters,e-bikes and e-three-wheelers. Join us at Booth E52,Hall 18,and embark on an exhilarating journey into the future of green mobility with Yadea!

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