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Thankyou Super's mission to reveal the hidden financial safety net hidden in your super

SYDNEY,Nov. 2,2023 --TPD insurance is an important financial safety net for those unable to work due to serious injury or illness. And yet,tucked away within many superannuation schemes,this insurance has remained a largely untapped resource.

Thankyou Super's mission to reveal the hidden financial safety net hidden in your super

Andrew Haddad,Founder of Thank You Super

That's why Thankyou Super is on a mission to assist Australians in navigating the often-complex realm of Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claims. Thankyou Super's goal is to assist Australians in navigating the complex world of TPD claims by simplifying the process,making TPD insurance more accessible to those who qualify.

In a remarkably short time frame,Thankyou Super has collaborated with TPD claim specialists who have facilitated a staggering number of successful cases,resulting in millions of dollars in approved payouts.

As of 2021,around nine million Australians hold TPD insurance,with most (around 86%) doing so through their superannuation fund. The top six common types of successful TPD claims in Australia are cancer,PTSD,anxiety and depression,heart attack,and hearing or sight loss.

Andrew Haddad,the inspiring founder behind Thankyou Super,said that his mission goes beyond helping people secure payouts.

"We're talking about restoring hope,dignity,and stability to individuals who've faced tremendous hardships due to injury or illness," he said. "When someone discovers they're eligible for a payout they didn't even know existed,the sense of relief and renewed optimism is palpable."

Common misconceptions about TPD insurance often deter eligible individuals from claiming the support they need. Many wrongly believe that TPD insurance is unavailable to them or too difficult to claim.

Haddad noted how a lot of people have a misconception about the word 'disability' in TPD. "Many people think they need to be bedbound and completely unable to care for themselves to qualify," he said. "In reality,disability encompasses a wide range of conditions that may affect your ability to work."

Thankyou Super's holistic approach focuses on the individual's overall wellbeing,with the process designed to be stress-free,allowing claimants to prioritise their health and recovery without the added burden of navigating the complexities of insurance claims.

Thankyou Super's process is as streamlined as it is supportive. With an initial eligibility check,individuals gain clarity about their potential claims. If eligible,they're then connected with a specialist TPD lawyer,ensuring they receive expert advice and guidance every step of the way. This "No Win,No Fee" approach guarantees that there's no financial risk to the individual,further emphasising the company's dedication to its client's best interests.

"The potential of TPD claims to provide a financial lifeline is immense," Haddad emphasised. "And the best part? Over 90% of Australians have insurance cover,even if they don't know it. Our goal is to ensure everyone has the information and support they need to access these benefits."

It's also important to note that Thankyou Super isn't a superannuation fund,nor does it provide TPD insurance. Instead,it's an intermediary helping people start the claims process with the TPD insurance they already have via their super fund.

For those curious about their potential entitlements or seeking further information,click here to connect directly with Thankyou Super for a free consultation. It's time we ensure every Australian has the opportunity to explore this often-overlooked financial resource.

About Thankyou Super:

Thankyou Superis at the forefront of helping Australians navigate the complexities of TPD insurance claims. Associated with leading TPD insurance consultants,the platform is unwavering in its commitment to helping Australians claim their deserved entitlements. With a promise of honest advice,dedicated support,and a client-centric approach,Thankyou Super is reshaping the landscape of TPD claims in the nation.

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