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MTX APAC Expands Footprint to Singapore

MTX APAC Expands Footprint to Singapore

SINGAPORE,Oct. 3,2023 --MTX APAC is excited to announce the opening of its Singapore operating entity,further expanding its presence across APAC. This expansion is part of MTX APAC's global growth strategy that will bring domain experience in government,healthcare,financial services,and higher education.

MTX APAC Expands Footprint to Singapore

Vijay Pagadala,Das Nobel,Deven Dhaka,Sudeep Acharya

Government: An effective people-centric transformation journey requires industry thought leadership and expertise in policies,business workflows and outcome-focused strategy. MTX sees an opportunity to fill the gap in the public sector ecosystem as a premier SaaS implementation partner that leads with outcomes in happiness,health and economics.

Healthcare: By implementing safe and generative AI solutions,healthcare providers can enhance patient care through more accurate diagnostics,personalised care plans,and faster access to critical medical information.

Financial Services: With the demand forCRM + Data + AI on the rise,this expansion brings speed,precision and innovation to the banking,insurance,asset,and wealth management industries throughout ASEAN.

Higher Education: Disruptive transformation is necessary to enhance student engagement,wellness and lifecycle management. MTX brings an unbiased approach to drive outcomes using CRM + Data + AI and human centric approach to digital transformation.

"The ASEAN region represents a global hub for trade and is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world for digital adoption. As MTX APAC continues to show up and build relationships & trust,our flexible approach with long-term commitments will be evident," said Das Nobel,Co-Founder of MTX APAC.

As part of the APAC expansion,MTX appointed Vijay Pagadala as their Managing Director for ASEAN and Chief Growth Officer for APAC. Vijay joins MTX APAC with over 25+ years of experience across ASEAN,ANZ,and global markets. He brings extensive experience working with government regulators,statutory boards,service providers and commercial entities in crafting several unique and complex programs. Vijay will lead MTX APAC's initiatives in ASEAN with investment in talent and topline growth.

"I look forward to working alongside the leadership team at MTX APAC to provide innovative growth and expansion mechanisms across ANZ and ASEAN markets. With Australia,New Zealand,and Singapore as pivots in this strategy,we will ensure that our core values remain in practice,while meeting our growth objectives," said Vijay Pagadala,Chief Growth Officer of MTX APAC.

MTX APAC core values are people,culture,and speed to market realisation,while creating impact for the communities they serve.

"The addition of Vijay is a significant milestone for our focused growth throughout the APAC region,while we remain incredibly dedicated to client success," said Sudeep Acharya,Co-Founder & CEO of MTX APAC.


MTX APACis a premier technology consulting firm that enables organisations to modernise through digital transformation. With data as the new currency,MTX APAC helps transform long-term strategy with outcomes in mind around happiness,health and economics. MTX APAC improves decision-making with speed and quality by partnering with leading cloud technologies.

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