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Author: PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI) / 2023-11-05 23:31 / Source: PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk (BRI)

Credit Surges by 12.53%, BRI's Profit Soars to IDR 44.21 Trillion in 9 Months

JAKARTA,Indonesia,Nov. 1,2023 -- Despite the global economic challenges,assets of PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) Persero Tbk. (IDX: BBRI) grew by 9.93% to IDR 1,851.97 trillion,net profits increased by 12.47% to IDR 44.21 trillion,and credit disbursement rose by 12.53% toIDR 1,250.72 trillion in the first nine months of 2023.

Credit Surges by 12.53%, BRI's Profit Soars to IDR 44.21 Trillion in 9 Months

Credit Surges by 12.53%,BRI’s Profit Soars to IDR 44.21 Trillion in 9 Months

BRI's entire credit portfolio grew,with MSME loans up by 11.01% from IDR 935.86 trillion in Q3 2022 to IDR 1,038.90 trillion in Q3 2023,now accounting for 83.06% of the total credit.

Furthermore,the bank's commitment to ESG principles is shown by an 11.89% growth in ESG-related loans,totaling IDR 750.91 trillion,making up 66.1% of the credit portfolio. Effective risk management reduced the Loan-to-Risk Ratio to 13.80% by Q3 2023. Maintaining credit quality lowered Credit Cost to 2.44% in Q3 2023,with Non-Performing Loan Coverage at 228.65%.

"BRI recorded a 13.21% YoY growth,totaling IDR 1,290.29 trillion in Third-Part Fund Collection,primarily from Low-Cost Funds at 63.64% or IDR 821.14 trillion,through value chain optimization using Qlola,integrating Cash Management,Trade Finance,Supply Chain Management,Foreign Exchange,Investment Services,and Financial Dashboard," explained Sunarso.

Fee-based Income rose by 12.19% toIDR 15.56 trillion,driven by a 66.87% YoY growth in BRImo Super Apps transactions,serving 29.8 million users. AgenBRILink,with 698,000 agents and a 7.97% increase in transaction value to IDR 1.040 trillion,also boosted fee-based income. Additionally,BRI's digital transformation increased operational efficiency,reducing the Operating Costs to Income ratio from 68.36% to 68.07% and the Cost-to-Income Ratio from 42.55% to 41.28%.

The Loan-to-Deposit Ratio remains at 87.76%,while Capital Adequacy Ratio is at 27.48%,fortifying BRI's risk management and supports its growth in financial services and empowering MSMEs.

Sunarso also highlighted BRI's dual strategies: uplifting existing customers and expanding in the ultra-micro sector. "Desa BRIlian" (BRIlian Village) has supported 2,843 villages,and the "Klasterku Hidupku" (My Cluster,My Life) program has empowered 18,685 business clusters. Additionally,54 state-owned enterprise houses have supported over 400,000 SMEs. The Ultra-Micro Holding initiative integrated over 37.3 million customers.

"We are optimistic about closing 2023 with impressive performance by focusing on sustainable growth to strengthen impact in Indonesia," concluded Sunarso.

More information at www.bri.co.id.

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