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HANGZHOU,China,Nov. 1,2023 -- PROPOSAL TO LEONARDO DA VINCI—Shanghai Science and Art Exhibition / The 7th InternationalIntermedia Art Festival kicked off on October 28,2023 at the Zhangjiang Science Hall,and for 16 days from October 29 to November 13,this innovative spectacle will be orchestrated by the School of Intermedia Art at the China Academy of Art. It aims to create a dynamic intersection of the creative energies of our era through artistic expression,scholarly dialogues,and intermedia performance. In this endeavor,we beckon the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci into the 21st century,seeking to contemplate the intricate questions posed by the present age,where art and science converge.


PROPOSAL TO LEONARDO DA VINCI—Shanghai Science and Art Exhibition / The 7th International Intermedia Art Festival consists of five exhibition sections and two international academic forums. The five sections are 'Perspective or Worldview: Shanshui as Methodology' Experimental Art Section,'A Coder and Violin' Open Media Section,'I Sing the Body Electric: Where is the Soul?' Media Performance Section,'The Interface Between Humanity and the Universe v3.0' International Aritists Section,'Battle of Anghiari' Painting Section. The exhibition spans a wide range of artistic types including AI Art,VR/AR/MR Art,Generative Art,Ecological Art,Sci-Fi Art,Video and Painting,encompassing large-scale paintings,spatial video installations,intermedia megastructures,live performance,interactive gaming systems,and Live Coding Cinema,among other media forms. These works are presented by artists from thirteen countries including China,the United States,the United Kingdom,Canada,Denmark,the Netherlands,Italy,Japan,South Korea,Mexico,Cuba,Germany,and Russia.

The two international academic forums are 'New Liberal Arts' Forum Series Panel 21: Proposal to Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man for the 21st Century and the 8th Annual Conference of Network Society:'Counter-Culture?' Resetting all (im)possibilities of Technology.In addition,the 'AIathon: Art-ificial Intelligence Hackathon' and the live performance event: '20th Anniversary of Sounding Beijing Festival' will send signals across time and space in a more diversified form,gathering Leonardo da Vinci's worldview partners to engage in dialog,discernment and co-construction.

As an important extension of the 95th anniversary celebration of the China Academy of Art under the theme 'Draw from the Sources,Venture with the Greats',PROPOSAL TO LEONARDO DA VINCIsignifies a contemporary call for the revival of Leonardo da Vinci's spirit. It constitutes a creative endeavor to resonate with the mind of Leonardo da Vinci and an invitation from the Renaissance individuals of our new era. In 2023,we invite Leonardo da Vinci to join us in this moment,to explore through his curious and unwavering eyes,to bridge the past with the present,until immersing oneself in the world. We invite Leonardo da Vinci to venture forth alongside us in confronting the crises and challenges of the present day,to deliberate on the emergence of a new sensibility,and to rediscover the interface between humanity and the universe in the 21st century.

Public Opening Hours: 2023.10.29 - 2023.11.13 9:00-17:30

Address: Zhangjiang Science Hall,2F,No. 1393 Haike Road,Shanghai,China

Organizers: China Academy of Art,Shanghai Zhangjiang Group

Co-Organizers: School of Intermedia Art,China Academy of Art,Zhangjiang Science Hall

Advisor:Xu Jiang

Director:Gao Shiming

Exhibition Directors: Li Kaisheng,Guan Huaibin

Curator: Min Han

Co-Curators:Gao Shiqiang,Yao Dajun,Mou Sen,Wu Ziyang

Exhibition Coordinator: Sun Xiaoyu

Executive Curators: Sun Xiaoyu,Cai Yuxiao,Xinge,Mei Yuezi,Lin Canwen,Ni Huaxia,Liu Beining,Yuan Mengru,Zhang Nuoxin,Chen Sifan,Hu Yiyang

Administrative Coordinators: Xu Ying,Zhang Jiale,Zhang Chen,Han Yuan,Zhu Shenjue,Du Runfan

Publicity and Promotion: Zou Ping,Liu Yang

Visual Design:Zhou Zhehui,Han Runze,Li Junyang,Deng Wenjin,Liang Jingyao

Space Design:Luo Xiaonan

'New Liberal Arts' Forum Series | Panel 21: Proposal to Leonardo da Vinci - Renaissance Man for the 21st Century

2023.11.7 9:00-18:30

Zhangjiang Science Hall,6F,MIP Space

8th Annual Conference of Network SocietyCounter-Culture? Resetting all (im)possibilities of Technology


Zhangjiang Science Hall,MIP Space

AIathonArt / Artificial Intelligence Hackathon

2023.11.3-11.5 16:00

Zhangjiang Science Hall,5F,Room 505,506,507,508

Live Performance20th Anniversary of Sounding Beijing Festival

2023.11.11 19:30-22:00

Zhangjiang Science Hall,Zhangjiang Hall

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