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TelePIX, South Korean Startup, Signs Deal to Provide Earth Observation Imagery Data from its BlueBon Satellite

SEOUL,South Korea,Nov. 1,2023 -- TelePIX,a pioneering South Korean space startup,announces its recent agreement with Polish space company,SatRev,to supply satellite imagery data. This groundbreaking deal marks the first time that South Korea is exporting observational imagery data from its proprietary satellite.

TelePIX, South Korean Startup, Signs Deal to Provide Earth Observation Imagery Data from its BlueBon Satellite

The model of TelePIX's nanosatellite 'BlueBon' scheduled to be launched in the next year

The contract was formalized during a ceremony held at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC) held in Baku,Azerbaijan,on October 6. The event saw participation from both companies and prominent representatives from the South Korean Ministry of Science and ICT,the Korea Aerospace Research Institute,the Polish Ministry of Economic Development and Technology,and the Polish Space Agency.

The core of this agreement is TelePIX's commitment to provide satellite imagery data,specifically focusing on "Blue Carbon" from its in-house designed and built satellite,the "BlueBon." This compact 6U-class nanosatellite is scheduled to launch in 2024,delivering 3.8-meter optical observation satellite imagery data.

Founded in 2019,TelePIX specializes in developing optical payloads for Earth observation and software for satellite imagery data analysis. Notably,TelePIX is gearing up to introduce a groundbreaking service in 2024- the world's first Blue Carbon observation,which plays a pivotal role in capturing carbon within the marine ecosystem. The observation of Blue Carbon will leverage TelePIX's cutting-edge satellite image-based super-resolution quantitative detection technology,focusing on marine floating algae.

Arongsae Kwon,the COO of TelePIX,shared the company's ambitious vision. TelePIX is actively engaged in developing a next-generation Earth observation satellite capable of monitoring greenhouse gases,including carbon dioxide and methane. The goal is to have this satellite fully developed by 2025. Furthermore,Kwon mentioned ongoing negotiations for exporting solutions centered around the analysis of climate change data related to greenhouse gases,utilizing a fusion of various multimodal data collected from greenhouse gas observation satellites.

For more information about TelePIX,a member company of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre),and their innovative satellite technology,please visitwww.telepix.net.

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