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KUEI SHAN INTERNATIONAL LTD.'s Third-Generation Leader is Committed to Propelling Penghu's Culinary Delights onto the International Stage

PENGHU,Nov. 1,2023 -- KUEI SHAN INTERNATIONAL LTD.,a renowned food company in Penghu,has traversed a development journey spanning over half a century. Upholding the spirit of preserving craftsmanship,the company,now led by its third-generation leader,is dedicated to elevating Penghu's culinary culture to international recognition. Recently,the company has established a state-of-the-art production facility near Magong Airport and Lock Harbor Port,covering an area of approximately 700 ping,with an investment of NT$100 million,to provide high-quality leisure food products.

KUEI SHAN INTERNATIONAL LTD. originated in 1978 as a small family workshop,primarily producing delectable leisure snacks such as flatfish crisp,sardine crisp,and fresh shrimp chips. Starting in the local Penghu market,the company gradually expanded its presence to various regions across Taiwan. However,this was just the beginning of their successful journey.

In 1982,the second-generation Mr. Yang Ze-he joined the company,embarking on research and development to improve traditional braising packets and frying powders. This led to the introduction of the "Shuang Xia Pai" braised pork powder and fried chicken powder,enhancing the convenience of preparing traditional braised dishes and fried products at home. This step allowed the company not only to specialize in seafood products but also to venture into the seasoning production field.

In 2005,the third-generation leader,Mr. Yang Guo-long,took the helm of the company. He actively engaged in product development,expanded the scale of operations,enhanced product quality,and introduced internationally acclaimed products,including honey-glazed small rolls,baked fish crisps,golden fish,fish bone-in,and scallop sauce. These innovative and creative products diversified the company's offerings,providing consumers with a wide range of choices.

KUEI SHAN INTERNATIONAL LTD. has always adhered to the principles of integrity,quality,hygiene,and innovation. The company upholds strict standards for food safety and high-quality management while practicing product traceability principles to ensure the safety of the entire food supply chain.

In 2016,the company established "PENGHU UNCLE Gift Shops," promoting their diverse range of self-produced products to a broader audience. In 2017,with an investment of over NT$100 million,the company built a new factory near Lock Harbor Port in Penghu,expanding production capacity and enhancing product quality. In recent years,they have actively pursued international markets. Every year,KUEI SHAN INTERNATIONAL LTD. participates in multiple international food exhibitions,including "FOOD TAIPEI" and "FOODEX JAPAN," and sets up booths at domestic markets,actively exploring both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) market opportunities.

KUEI SHAN INTERNATIONAL LTD.'s mission is to allow everyone to savor the delightful cuisine of Penghu. They continue to innovate and provide products tailored to the diverse tastes of consumers. Through nearly half a century of relentless efforts,they have successfully propelled Penghu's culinary culture onto the international stage,bringing more recognition and honor to this beautiful coastal region.

As the chilly winter approaches,KUEI SHAN INTERNATIONAL LTD. offers a variety of delectable snacks perfect for enjoying at home. Whether it's dried squid shreds,crispy fish skin,or fish bone crisps,these delicious choices cater to a wide range of tastes. Don't miss out on these special offers; let's savor this cozy season together.

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