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Author: Toray ACS, Inc. / 2023-11-05 23:31 / Source: Toray ACS, Inc.

Toray ACS launched the fashion CAD software package "CREACOMPO® GLOBAL" in the US market

TOKYO,Nov. 1,2023 -- TorayAdvanced Computer Solution,Inc. (hereinafter "Toray ACS") introduced a fashion CAD software package with 2D (pattern making) and 3D (virtual muslin making and 3D fitting simulation) capabilities into the US market on October 23,2023.

Toray ACS launched the fashion CAD software package "CREACOMPO® GLOBAL" in the US market

TorayACS,a CAD software developer for the fashion industry,has launched a new package of fashion CAD software called "CREACOMPO®GLOBAL" in the US market.

"CREACOMPO" is a well-known fashion CAD brand in the Japanese market and is used by most Japanese apparel companies. Since its debut in 1998,Toray ACS has been developing software with a relentless attention to detail.

With the virtual muslin making features of CREACOMPO GLOBAL,users can achieve further productivity improvements,such as reduction in product lead times and costs,during the basic pattern making stage.


1. Easily converts 2D patterns to 3D patterns without the need for CG skills

2. Streamlines design development tasks through 3D virtual fitting simulation "Digital Toile"

3. 30-day free trial

4. USD 2,400 per year per user license

Company information:

Location: 1-1-3,Toranomon,Minato-ku,Tokyo,Japan

President: Kouichirou Ikeda

Company website:




Note: CREACOMPO and Digital Toile are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Toray Advanced Computer Solution,Inc. in Japan and/or other countries.

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