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Riiid Launches Quizium: Turning Videos into Educational Quizzes

SAN RAMON,Calif.,Nov. 1,2023 -- Riiid,an AI-powered education solutions company,has unveiled the global beta version of Quizium,an innovative AI service that converts video content into educational quizzes. WithQuizium,educators and learners alike can tap into the potential of video content for a more engaging and effective learning experience.

Riiid Launches Quizium: Turning Videos into Educational Quizzes

Quizium transforms YouTube videos into educational quizzes

Quizium employs advanced AI technology to identify key information within video content and automatically generate questions to assess user comprehension. This revolutionary tool streamlines the incorporation of video materials into lesson plans,enabling learners to gauge their understanding and facilitating convenient review of specific topics.

What sets Quizium apart is the exceptional quality of the questions it generates. Riiid is dedicated to utilizing cutting-edge technology and the high-quality data to ensure that the questions are on par with those crafted by human educators. These questions are tailored to each learner by adjusting the original video material to the user's knowledge level,thereby enhancing the learning experience. The question-generation process is founded on Riiid's proprietary Knowledge Tracing technology.

Video has become a powerful medium for conveying knowledge,especially for younger audiences who prefer visual learning. However,it presents challenges when it comes to maintaining learner focus and evaluating comprehension. Riiid has been diligently addressing these challenges with the power of AI.

Quizium,initially conceived during an internal hackathon in 2022,was designed to optimize learning efficiency and retention by engaging with video viewers using AI. Since its inception,it has evolved into a Chrome web browser extension and is now available in beta,offering users a personalized learning experience by harnessing the wealth of educational content on platforms like YouTube and generating precise questions using advanced AI technology.

Quizium is currently available for free on the Quizium website (https://quizium.ai),and Riiid intends to continually enhance the service based on user feedback. The website has been developed in English to cater to a global audience. Depending on the language of the video content and the user's language preferences,questions can be generated in various languages,including Korean,English,and Portuguese.

Riiid is also expanding Quizium's reach by partnering with the state of Paraná in Brazil,where it will be integrated into the public education system. This initiative aims to create an innovative AI-powered video education case within the state's extensive library of over 24,000 educational videos. This collaboration will allow hundreds of thousands of students in Paraná,Brazil,to test and validate the use of AI technology in generating questions for science,math,and language subjects,thereby enhancing the quality of video education. Beyond Brazil,Riiid has received positive feedback from users in the United States and India and is actively exploring domestic and international collaborations and market opportunities.


Riiid,a member company of Global Digital Innovation Network (formerly known as Born2Global Centre),is a company focused on democratizing quality education globally through the application of AI. It has partnered with diverse education companies and schools to provide personalized learning experiences to students in more than 10 countries. Riiid continues to develop novel architectures and ever-higher-performing AI models,verifying the learning impact with real-world data and publishing papers at international AI conferences.

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