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Kaneka Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against CoCrystal

Kaneka Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against CoCrystal

TOKYO,Oct. 10,2023 -- On October 5,2023,Kaneka Corporation filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York against Cocrystal Technology Co. Ltd. and Cocrystal Health Industry Co. Ltd. (collectively "CoCrystal") seeking an injunction and monetary damages for CoCrystal's infringement of Kaneka's U.S. Patent No. 7,829,080 (the "'080 Patent"). Kaneka asserts that CoCrystal uses Kaneka's patented production process to manufacture Crystal QH (the "Accused Product") in China,and then sells or offers to sell the Accused Product in the United States.

The protection of Kaneka's intellectual property stands as a paramount cornerstone of its business. Kaneka's commitment to safeguarding these rights is unwavering,and it will not hesitate to take decisive legal action against anyone who fails to respect Kaneka's intellectual property,including its patents pertaining to reduced coenzyme Q10. In the forthcoming lawsuit against CoCrystal,Kaneka is fully prepared to assertively enforce its patent rights to the fullest extent.

Kaneka is also committed to enforcing its patent rights against any customer who purchases the Accused Product from CoCrystal and subsequently engages in activities such as using,selling,or offering to sell the Accused Product within the United States. This may involve taking legal action against these customers,which could include adding them as additional defendants in the lawsuit against CoCrystal or initiating separate legal proceedings to address their patent infringement.

Case Number: 1:23-cv-07483-APR-SJB

Contact info: Ron Martin,Vice President,Kaneka North America - ronald.martin@kaneka.com

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