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Council of ASEAN Chief Justices reflect milestones and achievements over the past 10 years, and chart strategic agenda

SINGAPORE,Oct. 24,2023 -- The Council of ASEAN Chief Justices (CACJ) held its inaugural retreat on 20 October to reaffirm the ASEAN Judiciaries' strategic and cohesive approach towards deepening judicial cooperation and upholding the Rule of Law. It was hosted by the Malaysian Judiciary and held alongside the 14th ASEAN Law Association General Assembly and ASEAN Law Conference in Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

The CACJ has made significant strides to facilitate collaboration within ASEAN since its conception in 2013. It endorsed frameworks such as the Draft Model Rule on Service of Civil Processes and the Enhanced Common Procedure,which establishes a nonbinding protocol for arranging mediation in cross-border disputes involving children.

The CACJ also endorsed codes and standards such as the Model Principles of Judicial Conduct,and acknowledged the International Framework for Court Excellence,a self-assessment tool that the ASEAN Judiciaries can voluntarily adopt to identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. These have strengthened the Rule of Law in the ASEAN region by facilitating cooperation and capacity building.

The CACJ traces its origins to the ASEAN Chief Justices Meeting that was first hosted by Singapore's Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon on 23 August 2013. It has since been held annually,and it provides a regular forum for the Chief Justices to discuss and exchange views on common issues facing their judiciaries. The CACJ also serves as a platform to build mutual trust and understanding among the ASEAN Judiciaries. It facilitates judicial collaboration to enhance economic growth and development within the ASEAN region.

The CACJ,which was accredited as an entity associated with ASEAN in January 2017,will convene a Retreat once every decade to reflect on its milestones and achievements,and chart the CACJ's strategic agenda for the next 10 years. CACJ continues to mature as a forum for judicial cooperation in ASEAN.

For more information,visit https://www.judiciary.gov.sg/news-and-resources/news/news-details/cacj-media-release-inaugural-council-of-asean-chief-justices-retreat-held-to-reflect-milestones-and-achievements-and-chart-strategic-agenda

Council of ASEAN Chief Justices reflect milestones and achievements over the past 10 years, and chart strategic agenda

ASEAN Chief Justices at the inaugural CACJ Retreat on 20 October 2023

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