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China Matters' Feature: Hangzhou City Tour Guide for the Asian Games

China Matters' Feature: Hangzhou City Tour Guide for the Asian Games

BEIJING,Nov. 2,2023 -- During the 19th Asian Games,the charming city of Hangzhou once again gained widespread attention both domestically and internationally. During the Hangzhou Asian Games,6 short video bloggers from the United States,France,Venezuela,and Slovakia embarked on their long-anticipated journeys,sharing stories of what they witnessed in Hangzhou during the Asian Games.

The bloggers first visited China's first lake-themed museum—the West Lake Museum,where they learned about the past and present of the Lake. Subsequently,blogger Jack went to the Liangzhu Museum to uncover the story behind the Asian Games' mascot "Cong Cong"; Raz Galor visited the site of the Southern Song Dynasty Deshou Palace Ruins Museum and experienced being a tour guide for a day; Rafael Saavedra went to the China Cartoon and Animation Museum to understand why animation is so beloved by the younger generation; Ma Jia went to Qingshan Lake,relishing the leisure of boating amidst the trees; Li Ge went to the Asian Games skateboarding competition to cheer for the athletes; while Lila donned a cheongsam to take photos at museums and ancient villages.

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